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Fashion Fall Back


20160927_172505Fall’s here Summer’s over- let the real dressing begin, get ready for the hard stuff

I am in love with Fall’s robust colors bordeaux burgundy, sunset orange, luscious red, martini olive and luminous brown. Fall is a special time of year. Leaves change color, seasons change, so do my style choices.

Bordeaux is my favorite color this season featured in three different hues. Perfect for business casual, classic work look  any upscale event i.e.  date night, theatre night,  all about me night… for those after hour soirees… Amp up your makeup! Wear those heels  look fierce, sexy, elegant, chic, slay on!                                                                                                                            20160927_171715

Autumn essentials should be  sweaters, jackets, hats, scarfs, ponchos,  shawls,  tights, booties and boots. These items will make you look your fall best.

Make things interesting! Mix in a vivid pop of color an orange turtle neck and jeans. It’s a great way to bring back the feeling of  a warm summer sunset. Wear  a button down shirt with a pull-over sweater. This style has become increasingly popular works perfectly as layering.  A jean jacket  is a fall must have, this wardrobe staple adds character to your outfit. Each jacket has a different design, color, texture and style.  It’s  a way to stay conveniently warm on chilly days.  Top it with a scarf, hat or both.

Fall  Monday’s a perfect sweater day, make it look  amazing , wear a long flowy sweater with a dress.  Don’t wear flowy sweaters with flowy dresses, it makes your outfit look larger than need be.  Another must is all types of knitwear.edited_20160922_182225

Wear  jeans and leggings with classics boots, booties, oxfords, heels, wedges and thigh high looks. If you must wear ballet slippers invest in a pair with support and a sturdy sole,  your feet will thank you later!

Mix and match colors and textures, find your style, try these tips it’ll help you to find your fall back trend.


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