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Is there No Time and Place for Everything

“Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women.”

-Elsa Schiaparelli

(May I add it certainly is working.)

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.” -Christian Dior

Let’s bring back our zest, and stop being annoying!


Let me preface by saying…

I live in New York, the fashion capital of the world! I see women of all different ages, going to different places but there is one common theme I’ve noticed.

As I ride the train early in the morning headed to the gym. I see so many women wearing boring, nondescript, unappealing, wrinkled, mix matched, uncoordinated clothing. I know I haven’t read that in the pages of Vogue!

Where is the stylish, style forward trend setting New York woman? Maybe she’s above ground taking a taxi!? However, maybe I expect more, maybe I’m used to the it factor, stellar, star studded, glam, va va voom that used to strut down the city streets!

The ladies of downtown always had a unique style, the ladies from uptown were quintessentially chic as well!

I began to notice so many people do not adhere to any semblance of a dress code. Beach wear is street wear. Jeans are frequently worn to funerals and places of worship. And club clothes, are worn into the work place. How is it in the course of the last fifty years have we come to this state of affairs?

Now, skinny jeans, of all colors have become a uniform. While cute, and versatile, still casual! This summer, the shorts or should we call them, the pockets!? Because that’s the fabric I’ve seen! The pockets are longer than the shorts, exposing the curves of their but cheeks as they stroll down the streets.

I have so many questions, curiosities and concerns! Has dress down Friday casualness been extended throughout the week? Does the name brand bag represent or equate with a certain fashion level or style status?

Almost every woman is carrying a name brand hand bag or a replica thereof; wearing booties, (90 degree weather) flat sandals, sneakers or ballet slippers. Is this the new dress code for professionals or people in the work place in general?

It is rare to see a woman who is well put together, but when she does she exudes a confidence and courageous, own it attitude.

I do have a neighbor a fashion designer, I look forward to seeing her pass by on her way to work, she has her own unique style, this is so refreshing.

Dressing up has always made me feel good and I love the way I feel when I know I’m looking good. Last week I attended a funeral out of the city. The women in attendance all had signature looks were appropriate for the occasion, elegant and or stylish. There was no overt uniformity other than the color conformity primarily black and white. It was a solemn occasion but the appearance of the attendees restored my faith in stylish women. Now if I can only get them to ride the A train.

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