Shoe Power

Shoe Power!!!

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally”  Christian Louboutin

      In my twenties I had found myself in an uncomfortable circumstance where I had lost nearly everything, one crucial thing that kept me going; out of everything that I had lost was a pair of Joan & David Loafers which I wore with pride. Although I didn’t have the necessary resources to fix them the way I truly desired them to be I made sure they looked good and were comfortable. Any imperfections with the shoes I was able to easily conceal. It is very important to keep moving on and to take care of the things we own no matter how many or how few possessions we have. Like the pair of shoes I had to maintain in order to get me to school, look for work and through life. This also gave off the impression that I was accomplished. Often time’s we have imperfections that are not necessarily visible and there are things we have to endure and overcome. With only one pair of shoes I was able to reestablish myself and get back on track. Even now at this juncture I have enough shoes to rival any shoe store, I have held on to; I am humbled by and will always cherish the shoes that carried me through those difficult times.

        If you want your shoes to continue to transform and transport you through this journey. Invest in quality shoes, preferably with the Vero Cuoio Trade Mark. This is the Italian association whose goal is to train consumers to be able to recognize and appreciate quality genuine Italian leather soles.

        Clean and or polish after each wear, at the end of each season take them to the shoe repair shop when needed. For the best prices it is wise to buy off season. Invest as much as you can afford in the best quality. There are outlets that sell poor quality shoes. These shoes want necessarily offer value. Don’t buy shoes that hurt your feet they will eventually end up as, “Shoes on the fence”. Anonymous Friend

If somehow you find yourself with one pair or many make sure they transform and transport you comfortably through life.

Keep On Stepping In Peace

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