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Sparkle & Shine with Holiday Flair

The holiday party is certainly one of the more fun and exciting parts about the season! Whether the party is in your home or for the office, looking our best and being stylish is a ladies prerogative! 

Here are just a few tips to help you, the guest of honor or the attendee get through the party circuit. Even if you are  wishing to splurge on some items or a little budget conscious!

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Shelia Gay Robbins
Rule #1 – Shop your closet for your staple pieces.

Remember that LBD, the gorgeous red wrap dress,  stunning green  silk blouse and black satin pencil skirt,  those stunning gold heels or black stilettos!

Build this masterpiece from the top on down to your toes! (Or vice versa)

No one would ever recall you wearing that item in the past. Certainly not now with this flawless way you are accessorizing it!
Rule #2 – Mix your chic with just a little festive!
Once you’ve selected the perfect ensemble, focus on accent pieces to be seasonal!
Use the colors of the season (green, red, gold, silver) as your decoration! Then save all that extra flare for your tree 😉

Rule #3 -Feel comfortable,  look comfortable, be comfortable !

Rule #4 -Look Beautiful,  feel beautiful, radiate confidence!

If you hate the shoes at home you will hate them at the party! Break them in! Hint: socks and a blow dryer. Don’t let the shoes break you in! The perfect pair of stiletto’s always makes the season bright and does wonders to make you feel feminine and sexy.

If stilettos won’t work for you; find  yourself a pair of dressy platform wedges. A woman wearing an elevated shoe stands taller and looks sexier,  radiates a grander sway and swagger. This is the place to splurge, always invest in good comfortable shoes. And if all else fails make your entrance and change your shoes. Many years ago I attended a luncheon with a friend and her mother who was in her seventies at the time. Right before we got out of the car she took  off her comfy shoes and put on the most gorgeous green stiletto heels and  sashayed toward the lobby making a grand,  elegant,  stately entrance. Showing me the importance of making an entrance.  So many years have gone by and Mrs. Williams has passed on.  I will never forget the lesson and I in turn am sharing the experience.

Do not wait until you need items to shop for them! Make your purchases  and plan your outfit way in advance. Often times when you wait until the last minute  you are forced to pay more than you intended. Shop off season to get more bang for your  buck.   If you are shopping your closet pull the outfit out and inspect it,  you may need to take a trip to the dry cleaner. Make sure you give the tailor a visit. You won’t want to be tugging and pulling at your dress all night long to give it the perfect fit!  Sit down in your outfit and make sure it feels comfortable and you are comfortable with the length while you are sitting.

If you need a certain type of (ah hem) undergarment or shape wear, wear it around town one day and get a practice run in. Ya know, making sure everyone/ everything stays in place! Wearing the right foundation will enhance your finished look.  Before you leave the house check out your  outfit in the mirror  from all angles,  so you know what others will be seeing. Check out for a bit of holiday flair.  And please sparkle and shine for the holidays.

Happy Holidays
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