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Women Of A Certain Age

test-033_pp“I dress to impress myself” Kanye West

Women are constantly criticized for what they wear, whether it’s showing to much or too little skin. Never second guess the way you dress because you fear judgement. We will not and should not concern ourselves with the judgements of others. We are amazing as our authentic selves.

Last August I got on a bus one day back from vacation wearing featured high low dress. After sitting awhile I noticed two women who appeared to be my age. They looked at me with scowls on their faces conveying looks of disdain, making snide remarks, sending out  negative vibes. I suspect they were envious of my swagger and were attempting to make me feel some kind of way. I didn’t fall into their trap. Kept on feeling good and looking good. I got off the bus walked a block, and received a completely different reaction from a stranger who said “I love that dress, you wear it well.”

It just goes to show how confidence helped in that situation.

As women are always expected to look our best, society has put pressure on us to conform to standards and styles that are not always inclusive.

We should dress how we want! Wear what makes us feel good. We will determine how we represent and define ourselves.

The Daily Mail claimed that 80 percent of Britons thought women should start dressing down when they turned 50 and found that a quarter of women over 50 are scared of wearing high heels.” Julia Baird

You rocked them in your 20’s, make the moment last, depending on your personal choices.

There should be no age limit on what we wear. Times have changed people of any age should dress how they want. Get yourself a good mirror, look into it,  truly see yourself.  Every woman needs to decide which rules she can break and get away with or to hell with the rules.

Julia Baird also mentioned an article on the website Lifescript chiding women over 40 who wore tank tops, low-rise jeans, platform heels, bangles and big earrings with the question: “Are you a middle-aged fashionista who just doesn’t know when to quit?”  Now this is just offensive!

As a woman of a certain age I for one refuse to dress down, way way over 40, lol and rockin it!


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